NaNo Novel Synopsis

Ok so my actual novel writing journey has been delayed by a day.  I’m not going to beat myself up about it because I actually have a plot.  Not a loose outline or a vague idea of where it might end up.  An actual plot with direction and characters with names.  This has to be a first for me!

I’m not going to post the whole synopsis here (you’ll just have to take my word that it exists) but an outline.  A book jacket blurb is the closest to the right description I suppose.  I’ve just called it Thorburn for now, the name of one of the major locations in the book.  I’ll come up with a better title later.  Genre is trickier to work out.  It’s a mix of different things.  The nearest one is probably magic realism as it takes place in the real world now but weird things happen.  But sometimes trying to pick a genre can be restrictive.  Let’s just say Fantasy for now.

January 2005.  Beathan Mor, a small coastal Scottish town, is rocked by the sudden suicide of 12 year old Cathy Lyne.  Rumours through the town tell of only child Cathy’s tumultuous home life – a dysfunctional family if ever there was one.  Her best friend, Emily MacDaniel, also an only child and painfully shy, completely withdraws into herself.

Eight years later Jane Starrett, a freelance journalist, comes to the town researching for a piece about teenage suicides.  When she interviews Cathy’s shattered family she learns about her closeness to Emily and tracks her down.

Emily is still living at Thorburn, the farm where she grew up.  With both her parents dead, she is alone in the big house, refusing to sell while the farm falls into ruin around her.  When Jane finally manages to interview her she finds Emily distant and perceives that there is something dark lurking beneath the surface.

Further research turns up some disturbing facts about the town of Beathan Mor, particularly Thorburn Farm.

Soon after her meeting with Jane, Emily meets Robert, a young local man just returned from university.  They begin a romance but Robert can’t understand why Emily is always so distant.

For Emily, life becomes much more complicated.  Caught between keeping her terrible secrets and happiness, she is torn.  Because she knows that her demons will never stop haunting her.