My NaNo Diary

Dear NaNo Diary,

Despite being away all weekend and only snatching a couple of hours on Saturday morning to write, I’ve got 3095 words under my belt.  Once I hit 5000 I’ll be happy – most of my short stories don’t go beyond that so that’s a (albeit small) landmark for me.

Things I’ve learnt so far:

  • This novel is flowing much better than the last one and I seem to be laying down the groundwork at lot easier this time.  This could be because I have a plot.  Hmmm how strange!
  • My inner editor is leaving me alone.  Probably because we fought so much last time, she’s realised it’s better for both of us if she just has a few weeks off.  Hopefully she went somewhere nice.  I’ve asked her to send a postcard.

Having my inner editor interfering was the thing I was most worried about and it’s a pleasant surprise to learn that she’s not around.  I still read over what I’ve written for the day because often there’s words that I’ve missed which boosts my final count.  But I’m not wasting time changing anything no matter how bad it sounds.  My manuscript is prettily dotted with red and green squiggly lines (quite festive actually) while Word continues to stress about my poor sentence structure and constant reinvention of the spelling of words.

I think I’ll post an extract of my writing today.  Obviously it’s needs edited but I won’t say anything if you don’t:

Linda had adopted a curious look and Jane knew what was coming next.  “Are you here on holiday?” she was asked politely, while furtive glances stole a peek at her suitcase.

“No, business.  I’m a journalist.”

Linda gaped as though Jane had said she was a celebrity.  “Oh, that’s fascinating!  Are you on telly?”

Jane had to chuckle.  “No thankfully, I write articles for newspapers and magazines.”

Linda deflated.  “Oh.”  Then quickly, “What newspapers and magazines do you write for?  I get the Daily Mail and Womans Own, I don’t remember seeing your name but, to be honest, that doesn’t mean much, I mean I forget what year it is!”

Jane hated to disappoint the woman further.  “Mostly the broadsheet papers and, er, feature magazines.”

Linda sighed as though she had given Jane every opportunity to present herself as a celebrity and there was nothing more she could do to help her.  “Well it must be interesting work anyway.”