My First Published Article

Unbelievably I’ve been taken on as a writer for Midlife Gamer, a group of geeky gaming folks based right here in the UK, and today they published an article of mine, which can be found at

The article is called “What’s Your Moral Code?” and looks at some of the increasingly difficult decisions set out by games in the modern day.  It was amazingly good fun to write and that’s probably why it was so well-received by Midlife Gamer.  Enthusiasm always comes across.

I’ll be posting a description of how I went about researching and writing this article in a few days time.  These are not hard and fast rules obviously (I’m hardly a professional . . . yet!) but I will give some guidelines for some of the things that I found useful, from a beginners point of view.

In the meantime, check out for gaming updates and reviews, and general banter.