NaNo Reality

Dear NaNo,

I’ve failed you!  My word count is pitifully low and I know there’s no hope for me to achieve 50,000 by the end of the month now.  However this has still been a winning month for me.  I’ve had two articles published, I’ve written some short stories and my confidence has had a major boost.  Every day I’m able to write something and that in itself is an achievement.

So what now?  Well who says that NaNo has to only happen in November or even over the course of just one month?  I have my story all planned out and I know my characters pretty well.  I’m going to set my own deadline; I want to have my first draft completed by the end of March.  That’s doable for me and it means I can write a bit every day without having to worry about hitting a specific word count.

NaNo has been great for giving me a boost and that’s what it’s all about, motivating wannabe writers into becoming writers.  And it’s not a bad way to spend what is often a very miserable month!