The Suicide Forest


This isn’t Aokigahara, the Suicide Forest in Japan. Please see for some beautiful melancholy pictures

Last time I talked about how inspiration can come from strange places when you’re least expecting it.  It’s also interesting how researching for one thing can inadvertently lead to finding out other things.  For instance, my looking for information on witchcraft in Scotland somehow lead me to finding out about the Suicide Forest in Japan.  (Blame YouTube)

I’d never heard of it before but now I wonder how I went all these years without hearing about it.  There are plenty of resources online with more informative content than I will be able to give here.  But the whole thing struck me as very sad (in the emotional sense not the loser sense).  For some reason one of the things that affected me most was the signs that been put up urging people to seek help instead of killing themselves.  It seems such an ineffectual way of preventing someone from committing suicide and yet there’s not much else anyone can do.  The forest is far too vast and dense to be patrolled regularly.

It’s always distressing when someone feels so bad that they need to take their own lives.  I know in Japan there is a lot of pressure on people to do well, particularly men who perhaps feel that they have let down their families in some way.

As strange as it seems, I have spent a lot of time thinking about these people and if one person could read this and realise that they are in someones thoughts then maybe they would start looking at their lives differently.