10 Writers Who Have Inspired Me

The world lost one of it’s most influential people today when Nelson Mandela passed away.  It is a sad day but many are taking the opportunity to celebrate his life instead of simply mourning his death, which is wonderful thing to do.

His passing made me think about all the people who have inspired me in life, mainly in the world of fiction where I so often dwell.  It took me a while to get together my list of inspirational writers and a lot of the time I wondered why I only limited myself to ten!  But if I increased it to 20, it wouldn’t be long before it was 30 and so on, and there would be no end!  While I’m content to sit and gush about how wonderful I think these people are, it would get pretty dull pretty quickly for any poor sucker who happened to read it.  So ten it is!

They range from children’s writers to comic book writer’s to “serious” literary writers.  In a way I think that probably everyone I’ve ever read has inspired me in some way, even the textbooks I drudged through at uni and the blogs I like to procrastinate with daily.  Even if something is written badly, it can inspire you to do better.  But here are the ones who have meant the most to me over the years:

  1. JRR Tolkien
  2. Roald Dahl
  3. Stephen King
  4. Terry Pratchett
  5. The Bronte Sisters
  6. Jean Rhys
  7. Maya Angelou
  8. George Orwell
  9. Grant Morrison
  10. Yoko Ogawa

They are in some kind of order, mostly based on how I came to them, except Tolkien who is my all time number one.  A simple list isn’t really enough to honour these fabulous folk so I will dedicate at least one post a week to each of them, explaining how they have inspired me and which of their works I recommend to anyone who hasn’t read them.  I will work in reverse order, a kind of rubbish countdown as you already know who’s number one!  Maybe I should have left it as a surprise.  I suppose I’ll just need to work on my suspense techniques.