My Most Inspirational Writers – Grant Morrison

A man who’s written some of the best Batman story lines and a fellow Scot.  Need I say more?

Well I probably should otherwise it’s not much of a blog post.

Grant Morrison has written many comics but for me, his Batman ones are the best.  I’m slightly biased as I’m a huge Batman fan but he has gotten inside Bruce Wayne’s head in a way I’ve yet to see anyone else even attempt.  And this is a character who has pretty much been analysed to death.

I also love his weirdness.  The Final Crisis story line is amazing – so convoluted and trippy but completely inspired.  Morrison is one of those writers who really makes me want to create and push things to the edge.

The best Batman comic of all time for me is Morrison’s Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth.  It’s dark and twisted and the artwork is beautiful.  I’ll probably be shot for saying this but for me it ranks higher than Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns.  It sums up what Batman (and Bruce Wayne) is all about – fighting demons, either in his head or in real life.

It’s fair to say that Grant Morrison was the first writer to really make me care about Bruce Wayne as a character, rather than just Batman.  He’s a complicated man (and no-one understands him but his butler) and Morrison really played on that.

There are plenty of comic book writers who I admire but Morrison is right at the top.