The Many Wonderful Forms of Storytelling

Last night I started a new game called “rain“, developed by Japan Studio and available on PS3.  It’s beautiful.  I’m in love with the atmosphere that is created by the poignant use of Debussy’s Clair de Lune and the constant steady fall of the rain.  You play as a young boy who follows a girl and an unknown monster into a world where you can only be seen when you are standing in the rain.  The game plays out like a story book with text appearing now and again to narrate and there is a certain melancholic joy to watching the children run through the soaking streets.

The whole thing is so wonderfully crafted that I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I went to bed and I began to muse on stories in general and how different mediums can be used to such great effect.  All I’ve ever wanted to be is a storyteller, in whatever form, whether it be books or comics.  Is there any better way to spend your time?  I think not.

I admire people who really try to make something different.  Even if it doesn’t always work, at least they’ve tried.  Otherwise the world would be filled with Michael Bay movies and Call of Duty games.  

I will probably finish “rain” tonight, it doesn’t appear to be very long, and I know that even if the ending is as disappointing as some reviewers have said, I will be happy to have experienced something different and given support to the people who are willing to try new things.

It’s all so inspiring I think I’m going to write something!  (This post doesn’t count as it’s just a brain dump – need to clear the system before I start!)