Uh oh . . . It’s Resolution Time!

I’m not one for making New Years resolutions.  My previous attempts when I was younger were pretty lame, somewhere along the lines of “dye my hair” and “get a tattoo” (actually I did eventually get a tattoo but never bothered with the hair dying).  But what about now, when I’m trying to build a writing career and actually have some tangible goals that I might be able to work towards?

Well the truth is that I tend to make little goals throughout the year and, for the most part, have actually stuck to them, such as writing one short story a week.  It doesn’t need to be completed so long as I have the first draft down.  It’s realistic and I feel like I’ve achieved something.  

The thing is, now that I’ve mastered my short story writing technique (well, “mastered” is probably a bit strong; it’s as good as it’s going to get for now!), I feel I want to start expanding onto bigger things.  I’ve been building up to writing a novel for some time now and I’ve always wanted to create a comic.  There are no shortage of ideas in my fuzzy little head – I want to explore interactive story telling and create an anthology of short stories and and and . . .

Let’s be realistic: what can I achieve?  Writing one short story a week is a good goal as well as being good writing practice so I’ll keep at that.  I can usually dedicate around two and a half hours a day (through the week) to just writing; some of that can be used to work on my novel.  I have to keep in mind that I often write reviews as well which eats up my writing time (in the nicest possible way!) so I will dedicate at least half an hour to writing my novel.  The rest of the time will be split between writing reviews and short stories as needed.  

Where do I fit in my other projects then?  I often spend about an hour a day on research if I can – maybe some of that time can be transferred to working on something else.  Even if I’m just noting down some ideas it will be useful.  I used to alternate days between writing and drawing so in order to get back into that practice I should do that again.

I have a plan!  Every month I will have written four short stories and a chapter of my novel (the stories should hopefully have been sent away).  I will also have made progress with a new project, the details of which I will decide at a later date when I’ve figured out exactly what I’m doing!  And of course I will continue to write game reviews and articles.  

These goals are achievable for me.  They are also realistic but progressive; if I can tick each of these boxes every month, I will be happy and I will have a productive year.

Good luck to everyone else who is planning writing resolutions!