Writing Inspired By Music

I was thinking about how influential music can be in writing when I came across this post by Roz Morris.  In it she outlines her influences for her latest novel (which sounds pretty good I have to say!) and these include music.  Certain tracks evoke feelings that she wants to capture while others act as a time machine that transport her back to memories that are relevant to her characters situation.

Roz has said she makes a soundtrack for her novels which I think is a brilliant idea.  Sometimes you hear songs or pieces of music that completely capture the essence of what you’re trying to say.  It’s at times like this when I feel a bit envious of musicians who are able to put across their message so eloquently and, what seems to me, so effortlessly.

I felt this way the other day when I was walking and listening to Bjorks Biophilia album.  I don’t always listen to music when I’m walking; sometimes I just like to watch and listen to the world around me.  But it was a wet and windy day which suited some of the Biophilia tracks very well.  It’s all about nature and it’s power, something which is quite relevant at the moment considering the extreme weather conditions across the globe.  It also creates the notion of nature’s vulnerability and how fragile the world can be.

Bjork is one of those artists who I am always fascinated by and eager to see what she does next.  She is an inspirational innovator when it comes to music, something I am not good at so I always admire people who are.  With this particular album, I was moved by some of the tracks and completely caught up in the rhythms and melodies she has created.  It also made me think, quite involuntarily, about an idea for a story I had.  It just seemed to fit so perfectly.

I’ve had this feeling before with music and certain artists in particular.  Maybe it’s time I started making soundtracks for my work.