Be A Patron: Support Your Favourite Artists

Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are gathering popularity and becoming more credible, feasible platforms for artists and indie developers to get themselves going on their projects and labours of love.  I’m excited by the idea of directly supporting people when it comes to their creative work and it must be immensely rewarding and heartening to see how many people believe in you enough to donate their hard earned cash.  

Patreon is new to me (I don’t think it’s been around that long) and you get the opportunity to become a patron to your favourite artists/writers/musicians/game developers by making monthly donations to support their ongoing work.  This is different to Kickstarter where the goal is to fund a single project.  It’s a great idea and it seems to be popular.  There’s a good range of creative projects on the site and I would definitely urge people to check it out.

Becoming a content creator is easy; you just sign up and load up your information.  You don’t need to make a video but obviously the more effort you put into your presentation the more people are likely to donate to you.  Check out the About page for a fun video put together by the guys who created and run the site.  It really gives a feeling of friendliness to the whole place, a feeling of “we’re here for the artists but let’s not take ourselves too seriously.”

I just wanted to share this with people after just becoming familiar with it myself.  It’s great that there are incentives and opportunities for creative people out there.