Monday Muse

Experiencing other forms of art can definitely inspire my writing, whether it’s paintings, music, sculpture, poetry…and on and on. We’re lucky we have access to so much creativity. I especially love looking at crafts; I really admire people who create beautiful things with raw materials and their hands, like last week’s Monday Muse Dalton Ghetti. One of my go-to places when I’m in need of some handmade inspiration is Etsy.


Truman Capote quote illustration by Obvious State


There are plenty of other craft websites out there but Etsy is arguably the biggest and most well-known. I can spend hours just looking at all the amazing pieces of art and wonderful creations these imaginative people have produced. There is such a huge variety that there is something for everyone. And they also have brilliant blogs with crafting tips and featured shops.


Fairy Tale zine by The Filigree

Sometimes looking at the different ways others have implemented their ideas makes you think about how you could present your own differently. Maybe there’s a way you can write that story or poem that you hadn’t thought of before. Or maybe an idea suddenly hits you when you’re looking at at piece of art. If you’re constantly trawling through blogs and looking up writing advice, maybe it’s time to look a bit further afield. Etsy is my personal favourite but you might find other sites or shops or galleries that can help spur you along.

Take a couple of hours out of your blog-reading time (don’t deny you spend that long reading blogs or catching up on social media!) and see what other artists are doing. If nothing else, you’ll find something cool to share with others.


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