It’s On The Tip Of My Tongue

It’s been a rare (happy) occasion when I’ve had a story pop into my head almost fully formed. Most of the time its starts with an idea and then grows from there. Sometimes it doesn’t grow into anything useful. This can be frustrating but at least you’re trying things out. What I find even more frustrating is when you have a feeling you want to capture…it’s not so much an idea but a ghost of an idea floating in the back of your mind and with it comes a strong sense of something that you want to express…

This doesn’t just happen with writing; I’ve found it with drawing as well. It’s like having a word or a name you can’t remember just there on the tip of your tongue and you want to tear your hair out because you know it, you know you know it, you just don’t know how to get it out.

But this is what creative people do. We take emotions and all the stuff that makes us human, and express it in ways that make other people say “Yes! That’s just what I’m feeling”. That’s what art has always been about for me, expressing yourself. (And I don’t mean in an early 90’s PVC-clad way)

Of course, living in a world of make-believe means that much of our expressions are fictional, or fictionalised, which can make it even harder. But it’s the challenge we crave. It must be or else we wouldn’t do it. 


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