Stages of Writing a Novel

I was delighted when the following link turned up in my Reader this morning, posted by the lovely Roz Morris:

How To Write A Novel: The Seven Stages of the Creative Process by Orna Ross

If you have an hour to spare, I fully recommend watching the video. Four established writers (Orna Ross, Roz Morris, Kevin Booth and Jessica Bell) talk about their creative processes, how they keep themselves motivated during the rough times and how they put everything together. It’s a fascinating insight and I was really intrigued by Orna’s separation of the different phases of writing a novel and the way she linked them to the musical scales (Doh Ray Mi Fah Soh Lah Ti).

This appeals to me because it makes the whole process seem much more organic; the way the different phases blend together and overlap. Often describing writing as drafting, editing, etc seems very technical, a not very creative way of describing something that is very creative.

It’s also fun learning about other people’s writing styles and the different ways they stay focused. It definitely gave me the boost I needed to get going today.


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