Believing in Yourself vs Delusional

This seems a pretty negative subject for a blog post, especially as I don’t have an overly positive conclusion (SPOILERS!!!), but bear with me.

I recently finished reading a fantastic book called The Disaster Artist. It’s a true account about the making of one of the worst films ever. The Room was written, produced and directed by a man called Tommy Wiseau, a man so invested in his belief in his own abilities that he is famous but not in the way he wanted.

If you’re not familiar with The Room, please watch it. You’ll be forever thanking me for introducing you to it and you will have such fun. You’re not supposed to of course; you’re supposed to be moved and shocked. It’s a film about passion, betrayal and spoons. 

I read the book because I was intrigued and had many questions, as many people have after watching the film. Written by Tommy Wiseau’s closest friend and co-star of The Room, Greg Sestero, I wasn’t surprised to find it was a very funny book. What I was surprised by was how touching it was. Even after everything they’ve been through (or maybe because of everything they’ve been through) Tommy and Greg show genuine fondness for each other. There’s also something slightly troubling about Tommy’s state of mind, which makes me wonder if I should be laughing at him. 

Tommy’s passion was acting. He wanted to live the American dream, not being originally from America, and was so convinced of his abilities that he went through with making the worst film in the world.

I don’t want to write the worst book in the world. Sometimes I wonder if I’m being delusional and if I don’t have the necessary skills to make it as a writer. But the difference between me and Tommy Wiseau (well, one of the many differences) is that he was convinced he could be a major star and that everyone else was wrong. If I had even a fraction of his confidence, I would be happy.

The fact is that I possibly am being delusional but one of the few similarities between me and Tommy is that we are both doing what we love and it makes us happy. So maybe being delusional isn’t as bad as it sounds.


Tommy frequently fluffed his self-penned lines

NOTE: I’ve just had a quick look on YouTube and the trailer for the The Room now classes it as a “quirky black comedy”. It was not made with that intention.


In other news, I finally started my art blog this week, Wistful Pine Studio. It’s been a long time coming but it’s here! Check it out if you like pictures as well as words.


6 thoughts on “Believing in Yourself vs Delusional

  1. I think all artists have to have a hint of confidence in their own abilities (otherwise we would not have the courage to share the inner workings of our souls) but that it needs to be tempered with a good dose of reality so that egos are kept in check. Greatness is defined and decided by others, not ourselves.

    • Absolutely it’s all about balance. There’s no danger of my ego getting too big any time soon but in the event it ever did, there are plenty of cautionary tales to remind me to rein it in again!

    • But you believed in yourself! You’re right of course, you can’t give up that easily. We must always keep trying, otherwise why bother?

      Thanks for commenting despite the problems 🙂

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