Monday Muse – Clarice Lispector

Last week I came across an ongoing series in The Guardian about short story writers who have influenced the history of the short story. The latest entry was about Clarice Lispector, a Brazilian writer, who I’ve since discovered I can’t get enough of.

She had a fascinating way of looking at literature and her writing is very different to anything else I’ve read. It’s always inspiring to read writers that think outside the box and who really push the boundaries of literature. The interesting thing about Lispector was that she didn’t realise that was what she was doing. She was puzzled by other people’s reactions to her writing, saying she was just writing things as she saw them. She did what we all aspire to do, which is capture the essence of the world and those who inhabit it.

Clarice Lispector in Washington, DC, circa 1954.

Read The Smallest Woman in the World and One Hundred Years of Forgiveness.


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