A New Project

Thank you to everyone who has taken a chance and pressed that “Follow” button on my blog, who patiently reads my posts and takes the time to comment. The reason for this little heart-felt “thanks” is because I’ve just realised I have 100 followers, which I never thought would happen. I figured I’d have about ten by now so this has come as a huge surprise and a happy one at that.

I always told myself I would celebrate in this unlikely event by doing something crazy and fun. So far I’ve had a coffee and a chocolate biscuit. It was fun but not as crazy as I anticipated. I reckon I can get crazier…

I’ve been thinking for a while now about trying to put together a zine of stories, poetry and art, something a bit different. I haven’t quite got all the details worked out but it will probably be about 36 pages, A5 size and available digitally as well as in print (all going well). There’s something nice about holding a physical book of writing and art  which is why I’m keen to make a print version.

Why bother? A number or reasons actually, including:

1. It will give a chance to showcase other writers and artists.

2. It’s a new project, something fun and challenging to undertake (also means I get to spend a lot of time reading stories and poems…bummer!).

3. All profits will go to charity. I intend this to be a one-off venture and I have a couple of mental health charities in mind. The artist/writer will be dedicating their passion and time to a good cause. I’m sure many writers can relate to mental health issues.

I’m curious to know what others think and if anyone has any suggestions. Fiction would need to be short, not more than 1000 words, maybe less. I’d like to accept work in any genre but maybe have a theme – mental health seems like a good one as that’s what it’s all geared towards helping. Would anyone be interested in submitting work or do you know anyone who would? Even just spreading the word around the blogosphere would be helpful. And what about a name?

Please feel free to comment and leave suggestions.



6 thoughts on “A New Project

  1. I’d very much be interested in perhaps contributing a short story to your project. I am a big supporter of mental health charities and organisations and work with people with complex and enduring mental health issues so I’d love to get involved.

  2. Sounds like a worthwhile project to me, I’d love to get involved. 🙂
    Congrats on reaching a milestone of followers – glad to be one of them.

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