Monday Muse – Paperbook Collective

Anyone who read my Friday post, A New Project, will know I am planning to make a one-off literary zine, with the intention of donating any profits to charity. Obviously I’ve been doing a lot of research around what’s involved in undertaking such a project and my research has led me to the Paperbook Collective, run by Jayde-Ashe Thomas. I’m already a follower of Jayde’s blog but now I’m paying special attention to her zine and her process.

Her blog is informative and entertaining and I intend to pick up a copy of the Paperbook Collective soon, hoping it will inspire further ideas! There is a wealth of information online regarding making zines and I’ve seen some amazingly imaginative titles. While I don’t expect mine will be nearly as professional-looking, I am quite crafty so my mind is racing with ideas.

On that note, I’m off to make some plans.




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