Camping It Up

I’ve never done Camp NaNo before so this April will be my first attempt. I’m getting fairly excited about it I have to say. What’s drawing me to it is the general casualness of the event; there’s no pressure to produce 50,000 words. I’ve set my own word count goal of 30,000. My NaNo novel from last year was a bit of a damp squib and in looking at it, I’m not convinced it has what it takes to reach 50,000. I don’t want to pad it out with meaningless words and pointless subplots. It’s really more novella length…so far. That might change when I actually start writing it.

So I’ve been planning my story for the last week or so. It’s been in head for a while so it’s been a relatively painless process but usually planning is a sticky issue for me. I love it, so much so that often I can’t get by it. Being aware of this I’ve tried to forego it previously and just jump straight in but that often doesn’t work for me. I suppose it depends on the story; each has their own way of being written.

I’ve compromised this time by writing out backstories for the main characters as well as the secondary characters, mainly because I wanted to explore their pasts. One of the secondary characters has a much more interesting past than I had anticipated; I was practically in tears writing it (who am I kidding, I shed a few tears and sniffled through most of it). There’s definitely potential for another story in there but there’s no place for it in the main story, even as a subplot. I will probably write it though. It affected me so I must feel strongly about it, which means it must be written. It must!

Anyone else been affected by their own writing? (And then felt silly afterwards; it was akin to laughing at my own jokes, which I do frequently.) Or had a secondary character demand more text time? And who is going to camp this year? 


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10 thoughts on “Camping It Up

  1. I laugh at myself constantly. Glad to hear you’re camping. I’ll keep track of you there.
    All my stories have backstories and characters that could have tons more to tell.

    -winter aka carolinagrace at nano camp

  2. I wrote something a little while ago that caught me by surprise in the fact that it really affected me emotionally. It was intended to be a very raw and emotional scene anyway, but the power I felt when writing it was eye-opening and I actually sat in front of my computer in tears which has never happened to me before.

    I shan’t be taken in part in it, but I wish you all the best of luck with Camp NaNo! 🙂

  3. Glad to hear you’re taking part 🙂 I have just uploaded my November writing to my Kindle to read it through before starting again. I know that I should have done more planning last time and there’s quite a bit of editing that needs doing now but I just don’t know if I’ll have time to do all that. So I’m just going to go for it and pick up where I left off. Reckless maybe but I want to do it and could have 75,000 words by the end of it so it will be worth it. Good luck with yours and stay in touch. We can motivate each other 🙂

    • That sounds like a good idea, it’s always easier if you already have something to work with and 75,000 words is a decent amount to edit. I’m not usually this organised and I’m not usually very successful so I’m hoping this is a good sign! Good luck to you too, I’m Giant Cookie on NaNo. I definitely could do with being kept motivated! 🙂

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