Monday Muse – Alanis Morisette

Music can be a huge inspiration for writing so it’s nice to kick back and listen to some tunes while mulling over a scene or a character. I recently made a playlist for my novel, something I’ve not done before but I’m going to listen to it while I’m writing during Camp NaNo.

But I digress because Alanis Morisette isn’t even on the playlist. I heard this song again last night, having not listened to it for a long time and it brought back memories of growing up in the nineties. I loved Alanis (still do) and would listen in awe to her unusual voice, inspired by how different she was to others on the music scene at that time.

This song is particularly inspiring because it’s true; you live, you learn. Everything you do, everything that happens to you, teaches you something about the world and about yourself. It’s not just the books I read growing up that have shaped who I am. It’s also the music I listened to and the films I watched.

I hope this song kickstarts your week for you the way it has for mine.


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