The Trials of the Socially Awkward

Inspired by todays Daily Prompt, Land of Confusion, I’m remembering school and all the woes it brought with it, though I’m not going to talk about my worst subjects (maths and PE).

I hated school. Which is strange because I love to learn new things and in fact it wasn’t the lessons that I despised (though I dreaded being called upon to answer a question or give a talk in front of the class). It was more the social aspect of it. I’m a naturally quiet person. Not necessarily shy – I will speak my mind which is partly why I’ve found it best to remain quiet a lot of the time. Making new friends has always been a challenge for me and we moved around a lot during my school years. I went to six different schools in total so you can imagine how difficult it was for a quiet girl to make friends and keep them.

On the plus side it’s made me relatively fearless when it comes to going to new places or trying new things. And I don’t mind meeting new people. So even though it was horrible as a child, moving around so much and always being the awkward new girl (I’ve always been a bit of a geek and a tomboy as well which I’m certain didn’t help), it’s helped shape who I am today.

And I’ve got plenty of things to draw on for inspiration for my writing. I would never consider my life to particularly interesting but when I think about it, everybody’s had an interesting life, whether you’ve only lived in one place or you’ve lived in many different places. I realised this when I realised how much of myself and my experience goes into my writing, not necessarily directly, but it definitely reflects who I am.

I don’t look back very often but when I do, I’m quietly pleased with how far I’ve come. I still prefer looking forward though; the future is very exciting and full of possibilities.

17 thoughts on “The Trials of the Socially Awkward

  1. I think many people feel socially awkward, even the “popular” kids, they just don’t admit it. And adults don’t tend to be as mean as kids. I feel like when I write about experiences from childhood, I write better.

    • That’s true and looking back I can see now where some people who I envied for their confidence were probably just as insecure as me. It’s important to tap into our pasts and use them for our benefit. I like being able to draw on all those crazy emotions I had (and still do!). Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. I’m with you in the fact that I hated school, not for the lessons, but for the social element of it. Painfully shy and a tomboy is not the kind of mix a socially-awkward schoolgirl needs and I found myself singled out because of it.

    It was only when I left school that I learned to cut my own path in life and it’s fascinating to see how far I’ve come since then.

    Great post!

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