My First Published Piece of Fiction

It’s feels like an age since I embarked on this crazy process and I didn’t have high expectations when I started. I knew I was in it for the long haul and that it was going to be an uphill struggle most of, if not all, of the time. Still, it’s been disheartening receiving rejection after rejection and even though I don’t like to admit defeat too easily, I’ve been close to it a couple of times.

It came as somewhat of a relief, as well as a huge surprise, when I received an email from Inky Path, an online interactive fiction journal, telling me my Twine story Today I Will Leave had been accepted for publication. I was actually a bit drunk at the time so I had to check again the next day to make sure I hadn’t imagined or dreamt it. 

The journal will be out at the end of May and the first issue can be found here. I recommend reading through it; interactive fiction is a fascinating way of telling a story and I had a lot of fun creating mine. It makes you think about the links between different parts in a different way; in fact, it’s almost like solving a puzzle. I reckon mystery writers might get a kick out of it.

Anyway, I’m beyond thrilled and it’s given me a new burst of confidence with my writing. Maybe I’m not completely deluded after all.


9 thoughts on “My First Published Piece of Fiction

  1. Huge congrats! It is a long, often disheartening process, but there’s nothing like an acceptance to boost your confidence all over again. 🙂 (I had a much-needed one myself this week, and I’m still basking in the glow.) Your first publication is a huge milestone – hope you’re celebrating!

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