Monday Muse – George RR Martin

After a wee break, it’s nice to get back into writing regular blog posts. It also helps me keep track of what day it is!

Inspired by Writing Smarter’s Top Game of Thrones Characters posts, I’ve decided my Monday Muse this week should be George RR Martin. I have read all of the Song of Ice and Fire books to date and thoroughly enjoyed them, so much so that a hole has been left in my reading, a fantasy epic hole that I haven’t been able to refill (yet).

Though I am a fan of fantasy, there is a danger in genre fiction of things becoming too same-y. I understand there are certain tropes fans look for and expect but I prefer to be surprised by my fiction and Martin’s Ice and Fire books certainly deliver on that. I learnt quite early on it’s not a good idea to become too attached to any characters, as fans of the books and/or series will know.

I think I also like them because they are quite gritty. I’m not particularly impressed by a lot of magic and the Ice and Fire series read more like historical fiction at times, with quite a lot of pages passing without any fantastical elements at all. Then when they do appear, they are all the more powerful because of it.

Martin has a way with characters – it’s fair to say his books are character-driven and it’s hard not to be caught up in their individual stories. And there is a page turning element too. You never know when a character you’ve spent two or three books becoming invested in will be cut down without any warning. It can be tense to say the least.

The series does the books justice, there’s no doubt about that, and any changes have been for the better. Some parts are just unfilmable as they are on the page. I love the politics and the intrigue; you never know who to trust. It’s very well written and it’s inspiring to read work by an author who doesn’t stick to the same tropes and plots, the same heroes and villains, as everyone else. George RR Martin just goes to show that if you are willing to take the risk and do something different. it can pay off.


4 thoughts on “Monday Muse – George RR Martin

  1. I haven’t read this series, or watched the TV show (yeah, I’m a bit behind on these things :D), but I might pick them up. It’s always good to see what makes some reads so popular.

    • It’s definitely worth checking out. Sometimes there’s a lot of hype around things and when you read/watch it, it can be disappointing but I don’t think Game of Thrones falls under that category 🙂

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