Who Put the Lights Out?

The electric went off yesterday for a while (it turned out to be something easily sorted, as these things always are) and I have to admit, it was strange not being able to go online. Our laptop battery is quite pathetic so I had to resort to writing by hand. This isn’t such a big deal for me; I often write by hand but it’s usually out of choice rather than necessity.

My determination surprised me. I would not let a little thing like no electricity stop me from writing! And I got a fair bit done as well. 

There was something nice about the house with everything off; all those funny little noises you take for granted were gone. Our fridge especially makes some strange noises and we’ve often wondered if there are some animals trapped inside somewhere (well there are but they’re dead and ready to be roasted). I enjoyed the peace. It was a nice day and there were all sorts of outside sounds that I wouldn’t normally notice – people working in their gardens, children playing, birds singing – it was like being trapped in a Disney film.

In the evening we sat and read while there was still daylight and then I lit some candles. It was all very romantic and serene. Then the problem was fixed and everything went back to it’s normal buzzing whirring self. But for a while, we were free. We weren’t slaves to Facebook or email and there were no phone calls from call centres offering us money back on our PPI claims which we never made.

I’m glad I have the internet and TV, consoles and my kettle. But it’s nice to go back to a simpler time, if only for a while, just so you can truly appreciate what you have.


7 thoughts on “Who Put the Lights Out?

  1. I’m so glad you were able to get some work done despite the power outage, and that you enjoyed your time electricity-free! 😉

  2. Oh God, I’d die without at least some form of access to the internet!

    And seeing as I do most of my writing work on a computer or laptop, that might be a bit of an issue as well….. 😆

    • Haha! It was good to get online again I have to admit! And writing by hand is great up until you realise you need to check your word count or that you can’t read your own writing because you got excited and scribbled most of it 🙂

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