Silver Glass Submissions

My how time flies! It seems like only the other day I decided to put together a literary and arts zine. I’ve had some great submissions so far and I’ve got some wonderful writing to feature, from some very talented writers (you know who you are!).

I’ve set a deadline for submissions for the end of May, which isn’t too far away now, and I will accept submissions up until then. The zine is a one-off venture and all the profits are going to charity, namely Action on Depression, a wonderful organisation based here in Scotland. There is a theme of mental health but it’s fairly open to interpretation, as mental health can cover such a wide range of topics. I chose it because depression is something a lot of people are familiar with, even if they haven’t wanted to admit it. And, of course, it’s not restricted to depression.

I am hoping the zine will be ready for release over the summer, all going well, and it will be available in print and digital format. More information can be found on the SIlver Glass Zine page on my blog.

If there are any questions, you can ask me in the comments below or send an email to the address on the zine page. A final word; even if you’re not confident about your writing, I would advise you to submit anyway. I don’t mind giving feedback, though I’m no expert. 

Thanks for reading and good luck!


9 thoughts on “Silver Glass Submissions

  1. Hello Sarah!

    First: I think that this project you’re doing is absolutely *wonderful*. And It’s even more beautiful that you’re giving all the proceeds to that charity. I definitely think this is a topic that people need to be more willing to discuss, and it’s so cool that you’re helping the global discussion like this. So many props. 🙂

    Second: Can I get a little more clarification on the theme? I’m not sure if you’re looking for “story” stories about mental health (Fully formed plots / characters / resolutions) or if you were looking more for pieces that capture what it’s like to struggle with depression. Also, you say in the guidelines that multiple submissions were acceptable: does that mean you can literally send two stories at once, or just that if your story is rejected that you can submit another?

    Thank you for doing this! What an inspiring project ❤

    • Hi Olivia, thanks very much! I am open to pieces that capture what it’s like to have depression; poetry, stories, vignettes. If you have a “story” story that’s great but I will consider anything as long as it’s within the 1000 words. I also don’t mind if you send more than one story at once, and of course you can submit again if rejected. Because this is just a one-off I’m keeping it pretty loose and flexible; if it was a regular thing though I would probably have more rigid boundaries.
      Thanks again for your comment and questions and let me know if you have any more 🙂

  2. I am so excited to see the finished zine, Sarah and I think that it is going to be a fantastic success and for such a good cause too. Can’t wait until you publish! 🙂

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