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There’s a lot to cover today so I hope you’re seated comfortably with some sort of food item (I recommend one of the three c’s – cookie, cake or chocolate – or perhaps all three?).

Firstly my interactive fiction story has been published in Inky Path Volume 1.2. Check it out and the other fantastic work available to read there.

Secondly I’d like to thank the wonderful Kate Loveton for nominating me for so many awards…I’m speechless, Kate. Though not really of course because I’ve still got plenty to say. My nominations can be found at the end of the post and I recommend checking out these blogs – they’re all different and bring something unique to the blogosphere.

The Inner Peace Award






This simply requires you to write a short paragraph or two about why you are accepting this award.

I’m accepting this award because inner peace is something I don’t always have, especially lately. I often worry about things when I know I shouldn’t and feel conflicted about what I should do. Being able to write and create gives me that inner peace, that sense of contentment. And this award isn’t just for me; people I deeply care about are also lacking inner peace and I wish it for them.

If accepting this award, you should nominate 14 other people.

The Angel Award







This one is lovely because all you do is accept the award and thank the person who nominated you. Thanks Kate!

The Wordpress Family Award







This award was created by Shaun Gibson (a fellow Scot no less) and it recognises that bloggers are all part of a family. We’re there to advise, listen and support each other. I’ve honestly never met such a lovely bunch of (often strange) people and as I’m lacking a writing community in my remote part of the world, it’s been wonderful to be able to connect with everyone. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and who provides such wonderful content on their own blogs. My life would be much duller without you.

The Premier Dardos Award







Premier Dardos (Prized Darts) is an award for bloggers who express core human values (ethical, cultural, literary and personal) through their posts and work, be it photos, videos or otherwise. This is the award I’m most pleased with as I try my best to achieve these values in my daily life, as well as my creative work. To accept this award the nominee must post it on their blog with a link to the person who nominated them (see above) and nominate ten people of their own (see below).

The Wonderful Team Membership Award






As bloggers, we are readers as well as writers and this award celebrates that fact. I’m going to follow in Kate’s footsteps and keep the rules simple though still true to the nature of the award. Nominate 14 bloggers that you appreciate, list them in your post and finish this sentence, “A great reader is…”

A great reader is someone who doesn’t discriminate in their reading, whether they read classic novels or poetry or bestsellers or comics. Great readers appreciate a good story no matter the form it takes. They are open minded and curious, keen to learn and love to discuss what they’ve read. Even if they don’t enjoy a piece of writing they can say why, instead of “It was boring” or “Rubbish!”. This is what I believe makes a great reader.

So you’ve come to the end of my marathon of awards. Wasn’t it a roller coaster journey of emotions and delight? Well it was for me! If you want to experience more lovely words (and pictures) check out my nominees below:

Heather Kamins


Her Headache

David J Delaney


I Like Pretty Colours

Crystin Goodwin

Books Are Delicious

I Read Encyclopaedias For Fun

Finger Pads and Thumb Prints

Tara Sparling

Olivia Berrier

Jessica Sita

Tricia Drammeh

I hope you’ll check out these blogs and enjoy them as much as I do. For the nominees remember that participation in these awards is entirely voluntary.

One final note that has nothing to do with anything I’ve just said – this is the last day to get your submissions into Silver Glass! Check out the link at the top of the page for more details.

15 thoughts on “Awards Awards Awards

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination. I will try my best to find enough nominees to pass this on to. Congratulations on publishing your story. I’m on my over to check it out.

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