Edinburgh International Book Festival

It’s the time of year I get really excited again. Details of the events taking place at the Edinburgh Book Festival have gone up on their website and there are some things to look forward to.

George RR Martin will be appearing not once but twice, to discuss his writing and the process of developing his epic saga from page to screen. Unlike just about everybody else on the planet, I’m more interested in the former; I also suspect the latter event will sell out ridiculously early when fans of the Game of Thrones TV show flock to Edinburgh to hurl abuse at the man who killed off their favourite characters. 

Another writing legend appearing at the Festival (twice) is Haruki Murakami. This is probably the event(s) I’m most excited about; I’m a big fan of Japanese writing and I’m fascinated to find out more about Murakami’s process.

Winner of the Baileys Womens Prize for Fiction, Eimear McBride, will also be appearing at the festival. I haven’t actually read her debut novel for which she won the prize, A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing, but it’s on my list and I will be interested to find out more about her because everything I’ve heard tells me she’s right up my street.

I’m not overawed by the comic/graphic novel events this year; last year boasted Grant Morrison and a fantastic workshop with Jon McNaught which I attended and thoroughly enjoyed. But Bryan and Mary Talbot will be present, discussing their award-winning graphic novel Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes, which actually compliments Eimear McBride in a roundabout way; it’s a semi-autobiographical story that has a strong connection to James Joyce, who was a big influence on McBride’s work. Not all comics involved superheroes and spandex; there are some wonderful literary graphic novels out there.

Tickets for the book festival go on sale on 24th June and the events run from 9th – 25th August. If you’re in or near Edinburgh round that time I highly recommend a trip, it’s a fantastic day out.

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