A Wee Break

As much as I love updating my blog and keeping up with everyone else’s, I’m going to take a step back for a few weeks so you won’t be hearing from me as much. Don’t worry! I’ll be back!

With a deadline looming for the end of June for a writing project, and not a lot of time to dedicate to it, I have to assess my priorities and while the blog is usually up there near the top, this month I’m afraid it’s not. Not only that but I’m on holiday for the first week in July and where I’m going (the Isle of Lewis) there won’t be internet. Before you all collapse in horror, I’m ok with that but it does make updating the blog difficult. I also need to put together this zine and get it all ship shape.

So you see, dear Blogees, it’s just not practical.

I’ll still be around though, lurking in the shadows, watching you all like some creepy neighbour who spends too much time in his/her mum’s basement. I might even drop a comment or a like here and there and I may decide to post a short update, probably something along the lines of “Aaaaaaaaaagh! Why isn’t this working??” or “I’m depressed. I’ve run out of cookies.”

Feel free to contact me if you really miss me 🙂

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