Not Such A Wee Break After All

When I decided to take a hiatus from my blog, I honestly meant “a few weeks, a month at the most”. Three months was definitely not planned! But once I’d stopped, it was amazing how easy it was to keep being stopped. Well I suffered withdrawal symptoms for the first couple of weeks but once the shaking had stopped I realised I had gotten used to it. But it’s been far too long and a polite but quizzical email from a fellow blogger the other day just added to my guilt. I figured it’s time I got back to it.

So what have I achieved in my three months away? Not a hella lot. I’d love to say I’ve finished a novel or accomplished something equally grand, like, say putting together a literary zine for publication. Nope. One thing after another has taken over my life and I just haven’t had time. It’s a rubbish excuse but it’s an honest one. My sincerest apologies to everyone who’s been waiting on the zine (or at least for an update from me); my hope is to have Silver Glass ready for Christmas publication. Don’t hold your breath but maybe cross your fingers.

In fact part of the reason I haven’t posted any updates is because I really wanted to have some good news for everyone but you would probably get tired of posts like “I ate a whole cake today!” Because that really is my greatest accomplishment this summer. So sad.

I have been feeling pretty down about not doing much but I think the key is time management, which I’m normally not too bad at but haven’t coped with at all over the last few months. So I’m going to try to manage myself better and see what I can come up with between now and Christmas. The good news, depending on your viewpoint, is that I’m officially back in the blogosphere. My decision to take a break was made with the best of intentions but ultimately I’ve realised that I need my blog, to vent, to express myself and to connect with others. This is probably the motivation I’ve been needing…funny that, eh?

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